Above Water Inc specializes in window wells installation throughout the Ottawa area.

It is often difficult for a homeowner to determine the cause of water coming into the home. You might not notice any foundation cracks or water building up in your basement. Still, there are many ways that water could be penetrating into your home. You might notice water stains on your walls and have no idea how this water is getting into your home. Depending on your situation, window well installation might help to keep the water out.


Window wells are an excellent way to keep the water away from your foundation. A properly installed window well will collect water and then drain it away from your home. Without a window well, the water might constantly be resting against your foundation and seeping into your home. You may not notice this because the water could be pooling up against your home underground. That’s why it is important to have an expert determine where the best spot for a window well would be.

There are a variety of things to consider when choosing to install a window well. If the soil level is particularly high against your foundation, then a window well can really help protect your basement against the water. Window wells also are great for yards with uneven or inconsistent soil distribution. There are many instances where window wells can protect the inside of your home from water damage.

Window wells also protect your window frames from damage. When water stands against the side of your home and builds up on the window frames, your frames begin to rust and look unsightly. This constant standing water also begins to penetrate into the window and get inside your home. While it is important to seal your windows, a window well can add a lot of extra protection for you.

One other big advantage of window wells is that they can make your basement more beautiful. They add light and aesthetic appeal to your home, and they also can help circulate natural air. Window wells offer a great number of benefits, and they are a big help in keeping your basement dry. Whether you are looking for ways to keep water out of your home or just want to spruce up your basement, Above Water Inc can help you with all of your window well needs. Call us today and find out how window wells can help you.

In progress window well installation

Window well backfilled by Above Water

Finished window well by Above Water